Pam’s Story – Mother's Day

"If this terrible disease of drug addiction can happen to my son, who was just a normal kid, nobody is immune to this disease." Learn more about Pam's story, her first Mother's Day without her son, and how you can get help today.

James' Personal Story

James, a recovery aide and former client at the Rescue Mission of Trenton, shares his story of how he was a football player who got hurt while in high school and was prescribed pain relievers.  He explains he was the number-six recruited football player in the nation before addiction shattered his dreams.  He says he determined while sitting in jail, he didn’t want to feel that pain again and chose to maximize every minute he has left on the earth.

Governor Chris Christie

Governor Christie continues to appeal to those out there who are suffering to seek help as the first step to reclaiming their lives – lives that are precious.  He implores those in need of help to take that first step  and call the ReachNJ helpline or go to the website where they will get caring, personal attention to help them on the road to recovery.

Madeline's Personal Story

Madeline grew up in southern New Jersey where she started using at the age 13 and was a full addict by 20. Madeline has been in recovery now for several years. She takes great joy in being happy and free from drugs.

Governor Christie

Listen to the radio ad of Governor Christie talking about the heroin epidemic in our state and how those struggling with addiction can get help.


Listen to the radio ad of Vanessa’s personal story of addiction and recovery. Her addiction started with prescription drugs and led to heroin. Vanessa is in recovery and aspiring to be a social worker so she can help others.


Listen to the radio ad of James’ personal story of addiction and recovery. His addiction started after a football injury and ended with him in jail, addicted to heroin. James is in recovery and splits his time between his own hospitality business and working with others struggling with addiction.


Listen to the radio ad of Jorge’s personal story of addiction and recovery. Jorge started doing heroin at a young age. After years of struggling with addiction, he sought help and has been in recovery for years. Jorge currently works as a counselor, helping others struggling with addiction.

Kevin & MaryAnn's Story

In the summer of 2008 Kevin and MaryAnn Meara tragically lost their son K.C. to a heroin overdose. Devastated but determined to help other families, they turned their sorrow into advocacy and created City of Angels, a  non-profit community based, peer-to-peer, grassroots recovery center helping families all across New Jersey.  

Vanessa's Story

Vanessa share's her story of how a pain killer prescription resulted in a full dependency on heroin. She discusses how addiction can impact anyone, no matter what one’s family background is. Vanessa found recovery through NJ’s drug court program and Integrity House, and is in the process of rebuilding her life.

Donna's Story

Mom, Donna DeStefano share's a poem written in 2011 by her daughter Laura as she struggled with addiction. With Laura now in recovery, Donna created  Parents In Connection for Kids Inc. a non-profit to help families get the support they need for children struggling with addiction.  
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